Why Should Homeowners Get an Informative Septic Inspection?

In Massachusetts a Title V septic inspection is required before the sale of every home as well as before some remodeling projects. An informative septic inspection can be done at any time at the request of a homeowner to ensure that the condition of the septic system is optimal and functioning properly. By completing an informal inspection, a homeowner can drastically reduce the risk of costly future expenses as well as guarantee that they understand their septic system and the system’s quality.

The benefits of an informative septic inspection are:

・Uncovers defects in the system which can save the homeowner unexpected expenses

・Helps homeowner understand what possible problem areas require attention (such as groundwater issues, too much clay in the soil, etc.).

・Gives the homeowner knowledge of the system’s location and condition for future property changes

・Helps the homeowner understand how their system is operating and what type of components make up your system

・Offers homeowners relief if the septic system is functioning properly and offers tips about what can be done to help extend its life