Are Flushable Wipes Septic Safe?

Technicians at Capewide Enterprises have removed flushable wipes from clogged sewer ejection chambers and plumbing piping – and it’s not an easy task! Although flushable wipes are flushable, it’s beyond the toilet where they cause problems. Flushable wipes get caught up in the septic system as well as the pipes of household plumbing (by catching onto cracks) and both will cause household plumbing problems and possible system backup.

Below are images of the removal of flushable wipes that have clogged a sewer ejection pump. To unclog the sewer ejection pump, our technicians had to enter the septic chamber and remove the pump. Extracting flushable wipes from drain pipes and septic chambers can be costly to homeowners and condo/apartment complexes.

Please remember that flushable wipes do not dissolve in septic systems and along with sanitary napkins, tampons, cigarette butts and dryer sheets, they should not be flushed down the toilet.