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Kitchen Remodeling Contractor - Capewide Enterprises Mashpee MA

Remodeling to Sell: Which Projects are Worth Your Money?

Remodeling and home improvements can make a difference to a buyer when there are many homes to choose from. Some home upgrades will increase the value of your home, while at the same time move prospects to buy. At Capewide Enterprises, we have remodeling projects where the homeowner’s  intention is to sell the home. Sometimes a minor project such as removing a wall to open up a room can make a home appear more spacious, but there are certain projects that can make a big difference and have significant returns.

Kitchen and bathroom remodel: Kitchens and bathrooms continue to be two of the best investments you can make in your house when selling. Even a minor kitchen remodel that includes cabinet and counter top replacement can provide a return of 85%. Small changes to your bathroom, such as replacing the vanity, can make a big impression on buyers.

Deck addition: Outdoor living space is as important to buyers as the interior space. A new wood deck provides a large living area at a fraction of the price of an enclosed addition and enjoys an 80-83% return.

Window Replacement: If you still have old wood or aluminum windows replacing them will provide savings appeal because this will add to the energy efficiency of the house. New windows also improve the home’s appearance and can return 70% – 78% of your cost.

Siding Replacement:
Replacing worn out siding can help a home’s exterior look virtually brand new and adds an 80% return at resale.

Reasons to invest in your home TODAY with a remodeling project

According to The Cape Cod Times December 27th story “Economists Expect Faster Growth” the economy has ended in an upswing in 2011. Economists expect 2012 to improve and grow faster as the employment rate accelerates from the creation of an expected 177,000 jobs per month and loan interest rates are expected to stay low. Other sources report positive signs for 2012 as consumer spending rose in the end of 2011, with a large increase in large purchases such as autos and furniture, and gas prices are continuing to tip downward. Along with these positive signs there are other reasons now is the time to tackle that kitchen, bath or other remodeling project that you’ve been dreaming of, especially if you plan on staying in your home for a few years.

Low Home Equity Loan Rates Today’s  historically low home equity loan interest rates make it beneficial for homeowners to renovate their home.

Reduced Energy Expenses – With today’s energy products, such as double-paned windows, programmable thermostats and Energy Star appliances, you’ll see more energy savings today than with a project that was done a few years ago. Although the energy savings won’t cover the cost of your renovation they’ll add value to your home and reduce your utility bills. In addition, utilities and state and federal governments are offering rebates and tax credits.

Drop in material prices – Although not all raw materials have fallen, some building supplies have gone down since the mid 2000s peak. The cost of plywood has fallen 23%, framing lumber has fallen 35% and drywall 29%.

The bad apples are gone – The contractors who are still standing are those who have been around longer, are more professional, skilled, licensed and value quality construction and customer service.

Have you been putting off the new kitchen or bathroom that you’ve been dreaming of? Take advantage of these benefits and upgrade the quality of your home life with a remodeling project today. We invite you to see how quality and affordability go hand in hand at Capewide Enterprises. For a free no-cost consultation contact us today at 508-477-8877. Capewide Enterprises – Where quality and affordability meet.