Need to remove construction waste or liberate your attic, garage and basement?

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10 Yard - $399

Up to 1 ½ Tons
8' by 12' with 3 foot side wall
Fuel charges may apply

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15 Yard - $499

Up to 2 ½ Tons
8' by 12' with 5 foot side wall
Fuel charges may apply

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Container Rental Terms and Conditions

    • Payment of cash, check or money order is required upon delivery if not paying by credit card.
      A credit card must be on held on file for security reasons.
    • Each time a container is dumped and returned, you will be charged the full price of another container.
    • A $125 per ton charge will be added for any weight over the allowed weight per container.
      The customer is responsible for covering the container as needed to prevent additional water weight in the case of inclement weather. The container has drainage through the bottom.
    • If the weight of the can is doubled the allowed weight, you will be charged the full price of another can, plus pro-rated portion of any additional weight.
    • Do not overfill containers. Please take notice of the fill line marked along the side of the container. Loads must be level to avoid having debris left behind at time of pick up.
    • Items with additional $25 charge
      Mattresses/Box Springs • Car Tires • Propane Tanks • TVs • Computer Monitors Refrigerators • Freezers • Air Conditioners • Bureaus • Car • Batteries • Sofas • Dehumidifiers
    • Items NOT ALLOWED
      Hazardous Waste of Any Kind (Including Asbestos) • Paint • Anything in a Plastic Bags • Railroad Ties with Creosote Household Garbage. If any of the these items are found in the container you will be charged a price that will be determined at the time of disposal, plus a service fee.
  • Damage Waiver
    Due to the weight of the truck/container, there is a potential for damage to the property/driveway.
    Capewide Enterprises will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur. The homeowner is responsible for the location placement of the container; however it is at the drivers’ discretion to refuse
    the placement for retrieval difficulty or safety reasons.