Kitchen Drain Maintenance – Keeping your Drains Clear

Have you ever wondered what happens to the food that goes down the kitchen drain?

Food does not always make it to the septic system. The type of pipes you have, how old they are, how far food has to go to get to the tank and if you have a garbage disposal are all factors that can stop kitchen sink waste from getting to the septic tank. Food can build up in a pipe over time. This blockage could be from a sag in the pipe, the pitch the wrong way or build up from use of a disposal over time.

After I have been to a house for emergency plumbing and the nightmare is over many people ask “What can I do to prevent this from happening again?”. Believe it or not, it is flushing your drains with boiling hot water. For moderate cooking I recommend doing this once a month, for heaving cooking I recommend doing this twice a month. Pouring hot water down the drain loosens up the thick layer of build up. Do not pour oil and grease down the kitchen sink and the use of a stainless steel screened insert helps catch food waste that can go in the garbage instead of the drain. Any little step to help food waste from going down the drain will help.

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By Marvin, Plumber at Capewide Enterprises