Humidex ventilation and humidity control systemAs an installer of basement humidity control systems, Capewide Enterprises will get your home environment on its way to improving your indoor air quality with a system that will maintain the humidity at the EPA’s recommended 30 – 50%, resulting in a much healthier home. High humidity in your basement can cause problems to your home and your health as a result of mold and mildew growth.

Unlike a conventional dehumidifier, which does not exchange the air or ventilate the basement, and is costly to operate, a humidity control system will provide a healthier, drier and more comfortable home at a fraction of the cost.

A quiet, yet powerful humidity control system draws in moist, contaminated indoor pollutants, and expels them safely from the home. This unhealthy air is then replaced with a flow of drier, fresher air drawn downward from the upper levels. Replenishment air comes from the outdoors and enters the home naturally via windows, doors, and other openings. A憎humidity control system not only provides the home with healthier outdoor air, it creates ventilation within the home which inhibits the growth of molds and reduces moisture related problems.

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How Basement Humidity Control Units Work

How Humidex Works