Capewide Enterprises offers the latest technology in real-time video drain inspection for businesses and homeowners on Cape Cod. Using a video camera with a small transmitter, the camera is pushed down into the drain line, while a monitor shows the technician the interior condition of the lines.

Not only is a video drain inspection valuable in locating cracks and blockage, it’s also invaluable in determining and confirming whether drain lines are in good condition. Our drain cleaning and high-velocity water jetting technicians will clear up any problems that are found during video drain inspections.


Call Capewide Enterprises today for video drain inspection services for the following needs

  • locating a break in a drain line
  • identifying the location of a drain line
  • locating and confirming grease buildup or foreign object blockage
  • confirming the present condition of the line
  • confirming if there is root infiltration