Get peace of mind when you leave and or return to your seasonal Cape Cod home or business and avoid costly plumbing problems when you hire Capewide Enterprises as your seasonal plumbing service provider. As licensed and insured plumbers, Capewide Enterprises provides the necessary plumbing services that are needed for opening and closing seasonal homes. Capewide Enterprises has been providing seasonal plumbing service of cottages, homes, condos and commercial buildings in Mid and Upper Cape Cod since 2003.


Capewide Enterprises will turn off the water,  drain the plumbing system and blow the lines clear of any water to prevent freezing damage during the cold weather months. Treatment of toilets and drains with non-toxic anti-freeze is also included.


De-winterizing is the process of turning the water back on to a property. All faucets and spigots are turned to the off position and inspected prior to turning the water on. The water is turned on to the house and all systems are inspected for possible leaking. The air is removed from all plumbing lines and the antifreeze is removed from toilets, traps, and the dishwasher.

Protect your home and your appliances! Contact us today to set up a seasonal plumbing service appointment.