If you own a home on Cape Cod with a septic system or cesspool and have plans to sell, transfer the title, or add a bedroom or bathroom, you will need to have your system inspected.  A Title V inspection ensures that your system is working properly and meets Title V’s regulations of the State Environmental Code 310 CMR 15.000, which governs the criteria for design and performance standards of a septic system in Massachusetts.

Capewide Enterprises is a Massachusetts certified Title V inspector and has inspected hundreds of septic systems throughout Cape Cod. Our inspections include a video inspection and filing of your report with the local board of health.

What is included in a MA State Septic System Inspection?

The MASS DEP requires the following as inclusions in a Title V Septic Inspection:

  • General layout of the system components (location of the building sewer, septic tank or cesspool, distribution box and leaching field)
  • Type of use (e.g., house, school, retail space), Title 5 design flow, and whether the facility is presently occupied
  • Analysis of the criteria specified in Title 5 that indicate system failure, and, for large systems, those which indicate threats to public health and the environment
  • Water use records from the previous two years, if available
  • A description of the septic tank, including its condition, approximate age, thickness of grease/scum layer, and other relevant information
  • A characterization of the distribution box and dosing tanks with pumps, if any, such as condition and evidence of solids carryover or backup
  • The condition of the soil absorption system including, any signs of hydraulic failure.

Frequently Asked Questions - System Inspections and Property Transfers

Get answers regarding when inspections are required, responsibility for replacing a failed system, how inspections are arranged and carried out, who may conduct an inspection, and more. Click here to read MASS DEP’s frequently asked questions about Title V Inspections.

Informative MA State Septic System Inspections

An informative septic inspection can be done at any time at the request of a homeowner to ensure that the condition of the septic system is optimal and functioning properly. By completing an informal inspection, a homeowner can drastically reduce the risk of costly future expenses as well as guarantee that they understand their septic system and the system’s quality. To read more about the benefits of an informative septic inspection click here.

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