Tips to Keep Your Septic System in Tip Top Shape

Costly damages due to improper maintenance and handling of your indoor plumbing and outdoor landscaping can result in poor performance or damaging of your septic system. Avoid system back-up and and costly replacement or repair costs by following these tips:

  • Conserve water to reduce the load on your septic system.
  • Divert rain water, from gutters and foundation drainage, away from the septic system.
  • Never flush cat litter, disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, tampons, paper towels, facial tissues, coffee grounds, cigarette butts, or similar items down the toilet.
  • Use garbage disposals wisely as they can double the amount of solids added to a septic tank.
  • Do not pour grease or hazardous chemicals down your drains.
  • Keep trees away from your septic systems to avoid root infestation.
  • Have your septic pumped regularly. Not sure how often? Click here to find out.

Root Infestation of Septic Tank

by Capewide Enterprises